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We specialize in Excellent Friendly Prearranged Airport Shuttle Services, comfortable VIP Island Tour Services and Charter transportation services with affordable price for island of Oahu visitors and residents since 1995.

Day or night, rain or shine, you will have smoother ride from one place to another.

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Honolulu Shuttle and Tour Services

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"Serving Honolulu Hawaii visitors and residents since 1995"

Tips for travel in Hawaii

* You are NOT allow carry luggage on to city bus.
* You are NOT allow Smoking in any taxicab or shuttle($20.00 fine).
* Regular taxicab in Honolulu charge by: TIME and MILES, PLUS up to $4.50 Per Baggage.
* Some wicked taxicab will circle around or driving slowly because the charge by TIME and MILES.

* It's NOT a smart idea to Rent-A-Car in Honolulu for more than one day, because most hotels charge $27.00 per night and up to $45.00 per night for self-parking. You also need to pay surcharge $7.50 per-day to State of Hawaii.

* It's NOT a smart idea to ride with those shared-rides shuttle services from Honolulu Airport. They are charge between $ 10.00 - 15.00 per person one way. Waikiki is about 9 -11 miles from the Honolulu Airport, Waikiki area is about 2.2 miles wide, more than 40 Hotels and Hostels within this 2.2 miles. If you stay the middle or the end of Waikiki, you are looking for 90 minutes plus travel time from Honolulu airport to your hotels.

* May 22, 2012 Honolulu just named the No.1 worst traffic in the nation.(Followed by: Los Angeles No.2, San Francisco No.3 and New York No.4)

* They are lots illegal shuttles doing business out there, they don't have any commercial insurance, They vehicles NOT past safety inspection by DOT Hawaii, you will NOT protect if something happens on the road.

* Legal shuttle company vehicle must have PUC number on the bumper, they also have safety check sticker issued by State of Hawaii DOT on the front window. If they pick up customer from Honolulu airport they should have permit sticker issued by State of Hawaii DOT Airports Division on the rear bumper.
Thing's you should know

* Starting June 1, 2013 Honolulu taxicab fares will increased by 13%.

* If you are walk-in passenger and you don't have any appointment, We recommend you do not pay to those airport shuttles People soliciting at the baggage area before you in their shuttle van and ready to move. Because you may have to wait a very long time and your money may not be refund.

* September 21, 2011 Businessweek.com ranked Honolulu is No. 3 best cities in the United States.

* Starting May 01, 2011 daily parking fees for Honolulu international airport will be $15.00 per-day(*If you drive and park at the airport).

* According to our experience of the airport pick up every day, Air Canada(Rouge) 98% Delay the worst airlines at Honolulu Airport. Followed by: US Airways and Island Airlines and United Airlines, they are the worst airlines at Honolulu International Airport (HNL). The average waiting time for pick up your baggage is 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. You may not able to pick up any luggage, because they often lost luggage. Their flights always delayed and may be canceled at any time.

* Second worst airlines at Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is American airlines, The average waiting time for pick up your baggage is 45 minutes to 1 hour, Their flights often delayed.

* The department's Bureau of Transportation Statistics showed Hawaiian Airlines had a 94.7% rate of on-time arrivals in July, 2010 the highest out of 18 airlines that reported data to the Bureau. Alaska Airlines was next with an on-time arrival rate of 88.7% for the month.

* Hawaiian Airlines also had the lowest rate of canceled flights, with only two cancellations out of its 6,392 flights for July, 2010.

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